No More Immunity for Catargate Suspects

No More Immunity for Catargate Suspects

European Parliament Unanimously Votes to Lift Immunity of 2 Involved in Corruption Scandal

The European Parliament’s Commission handling requests for removing parliamentary immunities of MEPs unanimously voted on Wednesday to lift the immunities of Andrea Cozzolino and Marc Tarabella, MEPs from Italy and Belgium respectively, suspected of involvement in a corruption scandal linked to Qatar and Morocco.

As French MEP from La Izquierda Manon Aubry communicated, the officials considered the facts to be “sufficiently accredited” for the judicial procedure involving the Belgian and Italian MEPs. The MEP further added hopes for the move to allow shedding light on the corruption scandal and uncovering all the facts.

The last step towards sending the decision to the plenary session of the Parliament was the vote on Wednesday, February 1 and 2. The plenary session of 705 members will have the final say on the immunity of the two implicated Members of European Parliament.

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A European Parliament commission voted unanimously to lift immunity for two MEPs involved in a corruption scandal connected to Qatar and Morocco. Currenltly, the plenary session of the Parliament will make the final decision on whether the two MEPs immunity should be lifted.

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