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Tucker Carlson, a well-known journalist in the United States, recently interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin. This was the first time that Putin had spoken with an American media since the war in Ukraine began. The interview, which lasted two hours, was broadcast without censorship and had a friendly tone.

During the interview, Putin expressed his willingness to negotiate an end to the war in Ukraine. However, he refused to enter the internal American political debate. Carlson, who is known for his conservative views, did not ask any uncomfortable questions and the interview was generally lighthearted.

Putin also stated that he has no intention of invading Poland or any Baltic country. He criticized NATO for trying to intimidate its own population with a non-existent Russian threat. He also joked that you can’t choose your neighbors just like you can’t choose your closest relatives.

Many people were disappointed by the interview, as Putin did not comment on the political future in the United States as many had expected. He also did not make concrete proposals to end the war in Ukraine, beyond showing a generic will to negotiate.

Putin also criticized the US’ use of the dollar as a tool of struggle in foreign policy. He claimed that the US applying restrictive measures to certain countries causes great concern and sends a signal to the entire world. He also mentioned that the percentage of transactions in dollars and euros in Russia has fallen in favor of the ruble and the yuan.

The interview also touched on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Putin expressed concern about genetic research and the possibility of creating a superhuman. He also commented on Elon Musk’s work with brain implants and emphasized the need to find common ground and establish rules in this area.

Overall, the interview provided insight into Putin’s views on various topics, but left many questions unanswered. It also shed light on the current state of relations between the United States and Russia.

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