Nintendo’s Switch successor plans ensure ample stock availability


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The video game industry is buzzing with excitement as rumors about the successor to the Nintendo Switch continue to circulate. While the company has not confirmed anything, reports suggest that the new console has already been showcased behind closed doors, indicating that its launch could be imminent.

According to Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki, data from Nintendo’s supply chain indicates that the stock of the Switch 2 would be quite generous, potentially avoiding the distribution problems that plagued the launches of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Mochizuki claims that Nintendo plans to manufacture more than 10 million next-generation consoles for the first fiscal year ending in March 2025, making it much easier to find in stores compared to its competitors.

The information not only hints at a smoother launch for the new console but also suggests a potential release date. Previous rumors have suggested that the Switch 2 could hit the market in the latter months of 2024. Additionally, it is speculated that the console will feature an 8-inch LCD screen, with the OLED version not expected to be released this year.

If these initial figures hold true, the Switch 2 could potentially outsell the PlayStation 5 by more than two-thirds in its first year. Despite the evidence and rumors, there has been no official confirmation of the existence of the Switch 2 from Nintendo.

While fans eagerly await an announcement from Nintendo, there are also reports about the next 3D Mario game, which is rumored to be up to four times larger than the popular title “Odyssey.” This news has only added to the anticipation surrounding the potential release of the Switch 2.

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