Nintendo fans must make a tough choice


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The much-rumored Switch 2, expected to launch in late 2024, may not be the upgrade Nintendo fans were hoping for. According to Bloomberg, the Switch 2 is expected to feature an 8-inch LCD screen, a departure from the OLED panel in the 2021 model. This larger screen is an improvement over previous versions of the console and its competitors, with a likely higher resolution. However, this news may disappoint gamers who recently purchased the Switch OLED and now face a difficult choice.

The OLED panel in the Switch OLED offers increased contrast, improved brightness, and richness of nuances, making visual elements pop in a way that wasn’t possible on the LCD version. The self-emissive pixels in OLED technology allow for sharper contrast between light and dark sections of the screen, making it a better option for gaming, especially in dark environments.

The decision to return to LCD technology for the Switch 2 is likely a cost-cutting measure, as the OLED screen has been dispensed with to reduce production costs. However, the OLED model was the most popular Nintendo console of 2023, with 4.69 million units sold, indicating a strong preference for the OLED display among consumers.

Despite the return to LCD, the Switch 2 is expected to offer a larger screen and improved resolution in handheld mode, along with other unknown console improvements. However, it’s important to note that more pixels are not necessarily better, and pixel quality matters too. High-resolution displays can look terrible if they’re not proficient in contrast and color.

The Switch 2 is not expected to be the definitive version of the console, and it’s likely that Nintendo will release additional iterations in the future. It’s possible that an OLED model will be introduced later, combining premium panel technology with the technical upgrades of the Switch 2. However, the main concern for gamers is next-gen games, as the Switch 2 will likely be required to run new gaming experiences and new technical standards.

While the Switch 2 may offer a larger screen and improved resolution, the decision to return to LCD technology may disappoint gamers who have grown accustomed to the benefits of OLED. However, the true test will be the performance and capabilities of the Switch 2, as well as its ability to run next-gen games.

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