Nine Queens back in theaters: Showtimes announced


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Argentine cinema is home to some incredible films that have stood the test of time. One such gem is Nine Queens (2000), which is set to be re-released in Argentine cinemas on February 22 in a remastered 4K format. The film, directed by Fabián Bielinsky, stars Ricardo Darín and Gastón Pauls and falls into the crime and suspense thriller genre.

The plot revolves around two con artists, Juan and Marcos, who find themselves embroiled in a scheme that could make them millionaires. They have less than a day to pull off a deception that must not fail. The film is renowned for its unexpected twists and intriguing situations, making it a must-see within Argentine cinema.

Nine Queens received widespread critical acclaim and achieved success both in Argentina and internationally. It was praised for its captivating storyline and exceptional performances. One review from the newspaper La Nación described it as “the best scam film that Argentine cinema has ever produced, and one of the best in its entire history, with undeniable elements of a fantastic story.” Additionally, the American media Variety hailed it as “a suspense film seductively structured and very well acted, with a script that even David Mamet would envy.”

The re-release of Nine Queens in 4K format is a testament to its enduring popularity and significance within the world of cinema. It continues to captivate audiences with its gripping narrative and stellar performances. The film’s ability to maintain its relevance and appeal over the years is a testament to its status as a timeless classic in Argentine cinema.

The remastered version of Nine Queens offers audiences the opportunity to experience the film in stunning visual quality, enhancing the viewing experience for both longtime fans and new audiences. The meticulous restoration process ensures that the film’s original brilliance is preserved, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Juan and Marcos as they navigate a web of deception and intrigue.

As the re-release of Nine Queens approaches, anticipation is building among cinephiles and fans of Argentine cinema. The film’s enduring legacy and continued relevance serve as a testament to its status as a true cinematic masterpiece. Whether it’s a first-time viewing or a revisit for longtime fans, the remastered version of Nine Queens promises to deliver an unforgettable and immersive cinematic experience that showcases the timeless appeal of Argentine cinema.

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