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Nigeria boat accident death toll rises as dozens remain missing

The death toll from a boat in North Central Nigeria has increased to 28, according to . The tragic incident occurred when a boat carrying over 100 passengers, predominantly women and children, capsized on the Niger River. The passengers were en route to their farmlands in the Gbajibo , a remote area located approximately 251km away from the capital, Niger state.

Due to the remote location, it took several hours for help to reach the community in the Mokwa district. Villagers in the vicinity assisted in searching for bodies floating on the river. By Monday morning, divers had discovered four more bodies, while approximately 40 passengers were still reported missing. Thirty individuals had been successfully rescued from the river.

Efforts to find survivors and retrieve bodies are ongoing. The Niger state officials have dispatched public officials to the Mokwa region to investigate the incident. Search and involve the participation of marine police and local divers. The affected communities have taken the recovered bodies for funerals, while others anxiously await news of possible survivors.

Governor Mohammed Umaru Bago of Niger state expressed his shock and sorrow over the accident. He instructed the state emergency services to provide assistance to those affected. The governor also emphasized the importance of using life jackets and avoiding overcrowded boats.

The recurring occurrence of deadly boat accidents in Nigeria remains a concern. The country, with its numerous remote and riverine communities, often lacks proper road , thereby making rivers the primary means of . The cause of the latest accident has yet to be determined, but authorities speculate that it could be due to factors such as overloading, the boat’s condition, or obstacles hindering its movement on the water.

This incident is the third boat accident in Nigeria within a week. On Saturday, 10 died and three others were reported missing on Lake Njuwa in Adamawa State. A week prior, a boat capsized in the Fufore district, resulting in the death of one person and another individual going missing. These of tragedies highlight the urgent need for enhanced safety measures and improved transportation infrastructure in Nigeria.

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