Nicolas Winding Refn’s Thriller Shocked Amazon, Resulting in Intentional Burial

Time to revisit Nicolas Winding Refn’s critically acclaimed series ‘Too Old to Die Young’:

More than three years have passed since the premiere of Too Old to Die Young, a series created by Nicolas Winding Refn, the director of Drive and featuring Miles Teller as the protagonist. Despite rave reviews and strong critical reception, the action-packed series was not renewed by Amazon Prime Video after its first season.

Now, Refn has spoken out about the series, accusing Amazon of attempting to bury his work for its depiction of violence. This friction between the director and the streaming platform reportedly originated with Amazon’s concerns about the show’s negative portrayal of them.

In Refn’s words, the streaming giant took away the marketing money because they feared what the series would do to their reputation. Refn had asked Amazon, “What’s so shocking?” to which they replied, “It’s going to make us look bad.”

Though Too Old to Die Young might have already slipped your memory, the show and its powerhouse of a director remain worthy of attention. Refn is still a defender of his work and has called it “a diamond” in the world of streaming.

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