Nicolas Maduro Bets Big on Upcoming Presidential Elections in Latin America:

Nicolas Maduro Bets Big on Upcoming Presidential Elections in Latin America:

Venezuela president urges respect and height in 2024 Presidential Election proposals

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro called on Thursday (01.26.2023) for proposals for the 2024 presidential election to be made “with respect and height”. “Soon there will be presidential elections, and there will be various proposals, the important thing is that they be done with respect, with the highest level and to respect the results of the presidential election, whoever wins wins,” said Maduro in a televised event attended by governors and mayors.

The President noted that in a democracy “everything is possible” and urged to leave behind “those times of hatred and intolerance” in order to welcome tolerance, inclusion, dialogue and “respect in difference”.

At the beginning of December, president of the anti-Chavista Alianza Lápiz party, Antonio Ecarri, asked Maduro for a meeting with the National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela to generate a “institutional certainty and an election date is set under the schedule established by the Constitution.

Lastly, David Uzcátegui, a member of the opposition group Fuerza Vecinal, requested President Maduro for Venezuelans migrants to have the “opportunity and constitutional right” to vote in the upcoming election.

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