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Nicaraguans Overwhelmingly Disagree with Ortega’s Leadership

Nicaraguans Overwhelmingly Disagree with Ortega’s Leadership

Nicaraguans Mostly Dissatisfied with Daniel Ortega’s Leadership: Survey

A new survey conducted by the Costa Rican firm CID Gallup has revealed that 62% of the Nicaraguan population considers that the country’s president Daniel Ortega is leading the country in the wrong direction, while 32% believe that it is taking it in the right direction.

The firm noted that the gap between those who believe the country is heading in the wrong direction and those who believe the opposite has been narrowing, as the figure was 71% back in mid-2020.

The survey shows that those who have a worse economic condition than their last year are more dissatisfied with Ortega’s leadership, and those who do not have a party preference or do not follow the ruling Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN).

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62% of Nicaraguans said that the economic situation in the country is worse than a year ago, while 54% said it will remain worse in the next 12 months. CID Gallup stated that it is mainly Ortega’s followers who think positively in this scenario.

The main problem facing Nicaragua according to the survey, is the lack of sources of employment that are capable of satisfying the needs of the economically productive population. This is followed by corruption, high cost of living and citizens insecurity as the highest issues in the region.

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