Nicaragua Limits Tourist Entry With Cameras

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Nicaraguan Government Restricts Entry of Video, Photography and Filming Technology

The Nicaraguan Government has recently issued a circular on January 16, 2021 prohibiting the entry of video, photography and filming technology into the country. According to the circular, issued by the General Directorate of Customs (DGA), “The entry into the national territory of photographic or cinematographic television, digital cameras or camcorders is restricted under the traveling regime”.

Opposition media has argued that the measure is intended to strengthen political control by the Government of Daniel Ortega and prevent the work of journalists and documentalists visiting the country. This was accentuated by the October 2022 law approved by the National Assembly that document that the National Cinematheque must sanction all film production even from the pre-production phase.

According to the DGA, travelers are obliged to obtain prior authorization from the National Cinematheque prior to entering the country, which is then to be presented to the customs authority. Non-compliance with this will be subject to relevant tax obligations.

Furthermore, night-vision binoculars have been completely prohibited as they are exclusively used by the Army and the Police.

This serves yet another example of frequent restriction on freedom and media control from the Nicaraguan Government.

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