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Nicaragua Launches Attack on United States

The Nicaraguan Government, led by President Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, have accused the United States of being “the greatest murderers and criminals in the recent history of humanity.” The accusations were made on the twentieth anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq. The Nicaraguan Government described the US as the worst war criminal and crime against humanity of all time, with a ferocious, senseless, preposterous, inadmissible and condemnable invasion and destruction of a culture and a country that was advancing in scientific development and prosperity for its inhabitants.

The executive statement addressed the human family, recalling that 20 years ago, they rose up denouncing and condemning the crimes, hatred, and greed that was brought together in Iraq on behalf of the United States and the empires all complicit in genocide and crimes against humanity. Ortega and Murillo criticized the United States’ spreading and multiplying of lies, slander, infamous disqualifications, and inventions about countries and peoples that are not docile to them, according to their narrative of greed and domination.

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Ortega and Murillo went on to call the United States imperialist, the worst war criminal and crime against humanity of all time, and they demanded respect for their peoples, sovereignties, countries, and political, social, and economic models. They also said they knew “that, evidently, the days of the Yankee empire are numbered.” The statement concluded with the message that here they fight to win and there are no diabolic, petty, mediocre serviles who can conquer them because they have never conquered them, and if they couldn’t, they won’t.

The statement comes as tensions between the two countries continue to rise, and a day after the United States imposed economic sanctions on Nicaraguan officials who are accused of violating human rights and undermining democracy. It remains to be seen how the situation will unfold, but the harsh words from the Nicaraguan Government are likely to further strain the already fraught relations between the two nations.

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