NFL Super Bowl 2024 | LIVE: Players on field at Allegiant Stadium


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Post Malone performed the song “America the Beautiful” at the Super Bowl. The Kansas City Chiefs, champions of the American conference, are getting ready to play, led by Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes. The San Francisco 49ers, champions of the NFL national conference, are also preparing to take the field at Allegiant Stadium. Andra Day, a Grammy award winner, performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing” at the event.

Winners of the Super Bowl receive a financial compensation of USD 164 thousand, which is an increase of 7 thousand dollars compared to the previous year. This increase highlights the economic value that comes with winning the Vince Lombardi trophy. The NFL collective bargaining agreement, renewed in 2020, rewards champions and provides financial prizes during all stages of the playoffs, with amounts scaling based on the teams’ progress. Last year, the Kansas City Chiefs received USD 157 thousand when they were crowned champions.

Players also receive additional compensation based on their participation in the different rounds leading up to the final game. The runner-up team in the Super Bowl will receive a sum of USD 89 thousand, an increase compared to last year. The distribution of the financial prize among the players has certain conditions, with those on the active or inactive roster who participate in at least three games or who have been part of the team for at least eight games prior to the Super Bowl, as well as injured veterans under contract, receiving the full corresponding amount.

The 58th edition of the Super Bowl will feature players of various nationalities, including Mexicans, a Puerto Rican, Nigerians, a Frenchman, and a Greek. This adds a multicultural value to the event. Alfredo Gutiérrez, a former Borregos player from Tec de Monterrey in the National American Football Organization (ONEFA), has the unique opportunity to become the first player trained in Mexico to be part of the squad of a Super Bowl-winning team. This symbolizes the growing global reach of American football and the NFL’s openness to talents from traditionally less represented regions.

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