HomeNewsnewsArab and Gulf Nations Condemn Quran Burning in Europe

newsArab and Gulf Nations Condemn Quran Burning in Europe

newsArab and Gulf Nations Condemn Quran Burning in Europe

Arab Countries Strongly Condemn Burning of Koran in Copenhagen

Arab governments and organizations have strongly condemned the burning of a Koran in Copenhagen by a far-right lawyer. The incident has been considered a “systematic and repeated provocation” which “spreads hatred” under the pretext of freedom of expression.

The Arab Parliament and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) called for urgent intervention from the international community to “stop these unacceptable acts” and for European governments to “address all practices that contribute to fueling hatred and conflict among followers followers of religions”.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Yemen’s Houthi insurgents also condemned the attack and requested the promotion of “values of tolerance and peaceful coexistence”. In response to the burning, the Houthis declared an economic boycott of Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark.

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The incidents, including one in front of the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, has triggered protests from Arab countries as well as criticism from Islamic organizations due to the “extreme concern about the repetition” of these Islamophobic acts in Europe.

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