New Zealand Labor Party Confirms Chris Hipkins as Jacinda Ardern’s Successor

Chris Hipkins, New Prime Minister of New Zealand
Chris Hipkins, 44, has been appointed as the prime minister of New Zealand, replacing previous Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who had announced her surprise resignation on Thursday. After the Labor Party’s confirmation, Chris Hipkins took the oath on 25th January.

Along with Chris Hipkins being appointed as the prime minister, Carmel Sepuloni, 46, was appointed as the deputy prime minister. She has become the first person of Pacific Islander (Samoan and Tongan) descent to be appointed to that position in New Zealand.

Chris Hipkins, who is currently the minister for the police and has been responsible for the education and public service portfolios, will focus on the economic challenges like inflation in his administration and handle the upcoming recession. He assured that the economy is his priority and he will take the same steady and calm approach as his predecessor.

Jacinda Ardern had managed to revalidate her term with an overwhelming majority in October 2020 and that enabled the Labor Party to govern alone. Chris Hipkins, who was first elected deputy in 2008, will lead the party in the upcoming election in October, the latest polls giving the opposition National Party a certain advantage.

Jacinda Ardern was lauded for her management of the pandemic and leading one of the world’s strictest border closures for more than two years, despite the criticism she received back home. Chris Hipkins described her as an ‘incredible prime minister’, who he hopes to emulate in this government.

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