New York Celebrates the Lunar New Year with Thousands of Welcomes

New Yorkers Reunite at Chinatown Despite California Shooting to Celebrate Lunar New Year Thousands of people gathered in New York’s Chinatown on Sunday to celebrate the arrival of the Lunar New Year, despite a deadly shooting in California the previous night.
The celebrators were met with uniformed and civilian police officers to ensure the safety of all attendees. Traditional elements of the celebration such as fireworks and dancing dragons were met with a heavy atmosphere due to the tragedy at Monterey Park that caused 10 deaths and 10 injuries.
Although some attendees were hesitant to come due to the tragedy, many came regardless, with one attendee, Crystal, telling ABC channel 7, “I though about it before I came here”. The celebration was impactful for the Korean-originated State Assemblywoman Grace Lee, who said “Waking up with that was really difficult. But this year is the year of hope, of the rabbit, so we must come together as a community to show strength and solidarity”.
New York Mayor Eric Adams expressed his regret for what happened and that New Yorkers “are in prayer for those who lost their lives and those who were injured”. The Chinese community’s celebrations for the start of the Year of the Rabbit will continue in the coming days and the 25th annual Lunar New Year parade will be held on Sunday, February 12 in Chinatown.

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