New Twisters trailer stirs excitement with twin tornadoes


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The long-awaited sequel to the disaster movie Twister has finally premiered its first trailer during the Super Bowl 2024 commercial break. The first images of the movie show a tornado film that maintains the spirit of the original 90s production, but with its own unique twists. The cyclones in Twisters seem more evil and destructive, as we see the film’s protagonists chasing storms and avoiding destroyed windmills and flying power lines.

The original film, Twister, was released in 1996 and starred Helen Hunt and the late Bill Paxton in the roles of Jo and Bill Harding, respectively. In their journey as storm chasers, they come face to face with fleets of tornadoes in Oklahoma as they try to better understand and deal with Mother Nature. This classic disaster movie managed to deliver both excitement and fun characters, and Twisters is here to try to recapture the magic.

The first information about the remake came with rumors in 2020, which claimed that Universal had Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinksi in its sights. When talks with Kosinksi failed, Twisters cast Minari: Family Story and The Mandalorian director Lee Isaac Chung in his place, and Wild Girl star Daisy Edgar-Jones later joined the cast. Other faces, including Top Gun: Maverick’s Glen Powen and Hamilton’s Anthony Ramos, will also appear in the film.

Twisters is expected to hit theaters on July 19, 2024. For more, check out the trailers for Wicked, Deadpool 3, and The Specialist Who They were also shown at the 2024 Super Bowl. The film’s first trailer has already generated a lot of buzz and excitement among fans of the original Twister movie. With its updated special effects and new cast, Twisters is sure to be a thrilling and entertaining experience for audiences. Keep an eye out for more updates and trailers as the release date approaches.

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