New Test Determines if You’re Egocentric Based on What You Notice First in a Picture

You are currently viewing New Test Determines if You’re Egocentric Based on What You Notice First in a Picture

A fun personality test that has been making the rounds on social media asks users to choose between a heart and a cat in an illustration to determine if they are self-centered or have an open mind.

If the user sees the heart first, they are described as being self-centered, loving to be the center of attention, talking only about themselves, considering everything they do to be perfect, and not tolerating criticism. While having clear goals and a strong determination to achieve them, they are not good at taking feedback.

On the other hand, if the user sees the cat first, they are described as having an open mind, valuing their family, being forgiving, and not holding grudges, but being cautious with those who have hurt them. They are also cordial, kind, and attentive, respecting and listening to others’ opinions, and only engaging in arguments if they have no other choice. They believe every person can change, regardless of past mistakes, and leave places where they cannot grow.

It should be noted that these results have no scientific validity, but as with any personality test, they can be a fun way to learn more about oneself and others. Additionally, there is another test available that allows users to find out what others love about them just by saying what they saw first in the illustration.

Overall, while choosing between the heart and the cat may seem like a simple task, the results can provide insight into a person’s character and behavior. So, take the test and see what it reveals about you!

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