New minimum bus and train ticket prices: $270 and $130, effective today


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The Ministry of Transportation recently concluded public hearings regarding the new rates for urban transportation in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA). This area sees over 10 million passengers traveling per business day. The new tariff schedule is set to take effect this Tuesday, with the aim of reducing spending on subsidies.

The mayor of Esteban Echeverría, Fernando Gray, had presented a precautionary measure questioning the citizen consultation process, which was granted by Justice and then appealed by the Government. Despite this, the judge of first instance granted the appeal with suspensive effect of the precautionary measure, allowing the Executive Branch to continue with the rate adjustment process. The increase will be applied immediately, with the minimum bus ticket set to increase to $270 and train tickets remaining at $130 for those with their SUBE registered in their name. Those who have not registered will pay $429.30 and $260, respectively, as of April 1.

The public consultation this year saw a greater participation than in previous years, with a total of 245 opinions and proposals presented through the Ministry of Transportation’s website. The new public transport fare table in the AMBA aims to cut the resources that the State allocates in subsidies and reduce inequality with the interior of the country. Discounts will be maintained for beneficiaries of the social rate registered in the SUBE network.

The proposed new rates for bus and train tickets will see significant increases, with the minimum bus ticket set to go from the current $76.92 to $270. The next fare for bus travel will increase from $85.96 to $300.78, and the next one from $92.29 to $323.95. The two most expensive fares will have a value of 347 and 370 pesos, respectively. For those who use unnominated SUBE cards, the proposed rate starts at $430 for the shortest section and reaches $589.54 for the longest.

In the case of train tickets, the novelty is that they are standardized on the different lines, with the minimum ticket set to cost $130 on all AMBA lines. The use of unnominated SUBE cards will imply paying double the fare, and the fines for evading payment of the ticket will be 10 times the maximum fare, that is, $2,080 in total.

The increase scheme proposed by the Government aims to improve the coverage of the total cost of the ticket, which was only 10% at the end of 2023. The intention is to reduce transport subsidies by approximately 35% in real terms during 2024. The planned roadmap with the IMF yielded an adjustment equivalent to 0.2 points of GDP, with an elimination horizon of three years.

In conclusion, the new rates for urban transportation in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area are set to take effect soon, with significant increases in bus and train ticket fares. The Government aims to reduce spending on subsidies and improve the coverage of the total cost of the ticket. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the daily lives of the over 10 million passengers who rely on urban transportation in the AMBA.

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