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The government has announced a new program called Simple Fee, which is designed to boost consumption. This program will replace the iconic Ahora 12 and will be launched in February. The new program, called Simple Installment, will offer financing in 3 and 6 payments.

According to sources from business, banking, and the Ministry of Commerce, the interest rate for the Simple Installment program has already been set at 85% of the Central Bank’s reference rate. This program aims to make it easier for consumers to make purchases by offering them the option to pay in installments.

The Simple Fee program is part of the government’s efforts to stimulate the economy and increase consumer spending. By providing financing options for purchases, the government hopes to encourage people to buy more goods and services, which will in turn help to boost economic growth.

The decision to replace the Ahora 12 program with Simple Fee comes as the government seeks to find new ways to support the economy in the face of ongoing challenges. The new program is expected to provide consumers with more flexibility and convenience when making purchases, as well as to support businesses by increasing sales.

The Simple Fee program is also seen as a way to address the impact of inflation on consumer purchasing power. By offering financing options with lower interest rates, the government aims to make it more affordable for people to make purchases, even in the face of rising prices.

The announcement of the Simple Fee program has been met with anticipation and interest from both consumers and businesses. Many are eager to see how the new program will work and what benefits it will offer. The government has indicated that it will provide more details about the program in the coming weeks, including information about how consumers can take advantage of the financing options.

Overall, the Simple Fee program represents a significant step forward in the government’s efforts to support the economy and provide relief to consumers. By offering financing options with lower interest rates, the program aims to make it easier for people to make purchases and support businesses. As the program is rolled out in February, it is expected to have a positive impact on consumer spending and economic growth.

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