New details of Isabella Mesa’s feminicide in Medellín: soldier stabbed her 24 times


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Isabella Mesa, a 19-year-old woman, was tragically murdered by her boyfriend, 21-year-old soldier Sebastián Villegas. Her body was found inside a suitcase in Medellín on January 28. Villegas was handed over to authorities by his own mother, who was horrified to learn of the crime her son had committed.

During the capture legalization hearing, it was revealed that Villegas had stabbed Mesa 24 times. The wounds included eight sharp knife wounds in the cervical region, seven in the left breast region, three in the left abdomen, and six in the left forearm, indicating a defensive action.

The soldier was exposed after his mother and stepfather arrived home and found him mopping the floor. Unbeknownst to them, he was erasing traces of blood from the murder he had just committed. His mother later went to the police to report the incident after Villegas confessed to her that he had killed Isabella.

Isabella’s mother, Sandra Mesa, revealed that her daughter had been a victim of gender-based and psychological violence by Villegas. He had threatened her and forced her to share her phone screen and send him videos from her social networks to see who she was talking to. She described Villegas as controlling and jealous, and he had threatened to harm her if he found out she was talking to other men.

The tragic news of Isabella’s death was delivered to Sandra Mesa by Villegas’ mother, who contacted her to inform her of the event. Sandra Mesa, who was living outside the country, was devastated to learn that her daughter had been killed by Villegas and packed into a suitcase.

The case has sparked outrage and brought attention to the issue of femicide and gender-based violence in Colombia. Isabella’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing and preventing such violence in society. It is crucial to raise awareness and take action to protect women and prevent such tragic events from occurring in the future.

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