New Counter-Strike 2 weapons already selling for hundreds of thousands


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Counter-Strike 2 has been out for three months now, and players have wasted no time in assigning high value to their weapons and skins. It’s not uncommon for players to buy and sell Counter-Strike weapons and skins for a hefty price. One of the biggest sales in the game’s short lifespan was an AK-47 with 4 Titan holograms, which sold for a whopping $132,500. This just goes to show how much players are willing to pay for special items in the game.

Despite being on the market for a short time, Counter-Strike 2 has already seen some big sales. It’s possible that this record-breaking figure will be surpassed in the future with another sale. Do you have your eye on any special weapon or skin?

Counter-Strike 2 was well received by players, but it also faced criticism. Valve decided to release the game to the market at the end of September without any testing. While the game was a free update of the successful CS:GO (2012), it received both praise and criticism. Many players pointed out the extensive list of missing elements, including workshop maps, competitive maps, and support for Mac. Shortly after the launch, Valve announced that it would no longer support the game on Mac due to the low number of active CS:GO players on the platform.

In addition to the arrival of custom maps in Counter-Strike 2, the game made headlines when Valve accidentally published a prototype of Left 4 Dead in a Counter-Strike update. This unexpected surprise created a buzz among players and added to the game’s appeal.

Overall, Counter-Strike 2 has had a successful three months on the market, with high-value sales and some unexpected surprises. It will be interesting to see how the game continues to evolve and what other special items will fetch high prices in the future.

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