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New Attack Against Oil Pipeline in Colombia Denounced

Colombia has witnessed yet another attack on its oil pipeline in the department of Boyacá. Cenit, a subsidiary of Ecopetrol, raised the alarm over the attack carried out by unknown third parties. The Caño Limón-Coveñas oil pipeline was targeted in a rural area of Cubará. The company has initiated an emergency plan and requested non-approach by the community until the repair works are completed. The extent of the damage is yet to be ascertained. The government has refrained from attributing the incident to any armed group, but the National Liberation Army has come under the scanner due to its past actions.

Cenit’s statement on the incident described the events that took place and their emergency response. According to the company, the attack was perpetrated by unknown third parties. They alerted the Municipal Council for Disaster Risk Management of Cubará and have requested the Army to secure the area for technical personnel to attend. The company has also urged the local community to avoid the site until the evaluation, repair, cleaning, and collection work gets over.

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The incident has drawn a strong reaction from Cenit and Ecopetrol, who have condemned these crimes against Colombian infrastructure. They highlighted their concerns over the environmental impact and the risks to the people’s integrity. The oil industry operates in significant parts of Colombia, and repeated attacks pose a significant threat to the sector’s smooth running.

The incident has not been attributed to any particular group, but the National Liberation Army (ELN) is under suspicion due to their previous attacks on the country’s oil and electricity infrastructure. The Colombian government has to deal with such sporadic incidents almost regularly, posing significant challenges to the country’s developmental plans. The authorities need to take action to prevent such attacks from taking place in the future and ensure the safety of people and property.

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