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New Aftershock of Magnitude 5.6 Hits Malatya Province in Turkey

New Aftershock of Magnitude 5.6 Hits Malatya Province in Turkey

The recent earthquake of magnitude 5.6 that shook the city of Malatya in southeast Turkey on Monday February 27 has left one person dead and at least sixty injured. This new earthquake, which comes three weeks after the violent earthquake that hit southern Turkey and neighboring Syria, has caused further destruction and worries seismologists in the region.

The World Bank estimates the total damage of the various earthquakes to be around 34 billion dollars. The video of the 6-storey building collapsing in one block and releasing a thick cloud of dust is a testament to the destruction caused.

The East Anatolian fault ruptured so much during the first earthquake that the earth could continue to shake for another 6 months. Residents of Samandag, the epicenter of the last big aftershock, a week ago, have set up their tents under orange trees as they are too scared to sleep in their apartments. Many have migrated to the surrounding mountains, where the tremors are less powerful.

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The city most in danger now is Adana, seismologists warn. A violent earthquake could affect this city of 1.7 million inhabitants, a little further west. According to the authorities, nearly 2.5 million people have migrated to the north of the country.

The recent earthquakes have left the region in chaos, and it is essential that the authorities continue to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of the people.

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