Netflix to Release New Episodes of Sonic Prime Series in 2021

SEGA confirms ‘More Sonic Prime’ in 2023 with more episodes.

SEGA has confirmed the return of its popular animated series, Sonic Prime, in 2023. According to the official account of the character, there will be “More Sonic Prime” but no details have been revealed yet. Will it be a new season or a series of extra episodes?

The first season of Sonic Prime premiered last year on Netflix and consists of 8 episodes. It has been the success of Sonic The Movie and its sequel that has given the hedgehog renewed impetus, and Paramount Pictures is working on the third film, scheduled for December 2024. In addition, they are also developing a live action series starring Knuckles.

The last video game released was Sonic Frontiers, which was available on multiple console platforms. In its analysis, MeriStation highlighted how it was the biggest leap for the brand since its move to three dimensions. Sega has promised “succulent news” for the year 2023. We can only wait and see what adventures the new episodes of Sonic Prime have in store.

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