Netflix to Add New Episodes to Sonic Prime Series in 2021

Sonic Prime Returns with New Episodes for 2023
Sonic Prime, Netflix’s new animated series starring the SEGA hedgehog, will be returning with new episodes on the platform in 2023. The series, made up of eight episodes, premiered at the end of last year and has been met with much acclaim.

The character’s official account has only indicated that there will be “more Sonic Prime”, but with no details about the plot revealed yet. It remains unknown as to whether this is a new season or a series of extra episodes.

The success of Sonic The Movie and its sequel has seen the hedgehog gain renewed impetus, and this is reflected in Paramount Pictures’ announcement of the third film, scheduled for December 2024. In addition, a live action series starring Knuckles is also in the works.

Sonic Frontiers is the most recent video game in the saga. Released on all major gaming platforms, the open-world game is a marked departure for the brand since its move to three dimensions. Reviews have praised the game’s strange and captivating adventure, full of mysteries and things to do.

With these upcoming projects, and succulent news promised by Sega in 2023, Sonic fans can expect much from the beloved franchise in the near future.

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