Netflix Series Dethrones Vikings for Best Historical Drama


Netflix series The Last Kingdom has been declared the best historical drama over Vikings in a Reddit survey. Despite Vikings being the most voted in the poll, The Last Kingdom still claimed victory with 220 votes.

Starring Alexander Dreymon as Uhtred de Bebbanburg, The Last Kingdom is a series based on the literary saga The Saxon Stories written by Bernard Cornwell. Alternately, Vikings was a period series created by producer and screenwriter Michel Hirst for the History Channel where it premiered in 2013 and ran for 6 seasons before coming to a devastating end on the Amazon Prime Video streaming platform in late December 2020.

The survey created by a Reddit user saw much support in the comments section for Vikings despite losing the poll. Fans appreciated and admired the show, citing its drama, war, violence and death as captivating attributes. The series focused on the life and exploits of Viking explorer Ragnar Lodbrok, played by Travis Fimmel for 4 seasons. His children continued his legacy until the series came to an end with the sixth installment.

Both Vikings and The Last Kingdom were set around the same period and starred sword-wielding heroes such as Ragnar, Bjorn and Floki from Vikings and Uhtred from The Last Kingdom. These characters fight for their personal and political ideals, as showcased through high intensity battles.

Fans eagerly await the release of the film inspired by the series, ‘Seven Kings Must Die’.

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