Netflix Launches New System to Discourage Password Sharing

Netflix Launches New System to Discourage Password Sharing

**Netflix to use IP Addresses to Block Account Sharing**
Netflix has recently released more information on how it plans to stop users from sharing their accounts with others. According to the company’s “Frequently Asked Questions” page, people who do not live in the account holder’s house must create their own account to watch Netflix.

If users sign in from a device outside the home or regularly watch content on another external device, then they must verify their account before using it. This is done with a one-time code sent to the account holder’s device, which must be entered into within 15 minutes.

Netflix also stated that it will use indicators such as IP addresses, device identifiers and device account activity to detect who has access to accounts. People who share their account with people who do not live with them may soon be blocked from viewing content.

However, if the account holder is the one who wishes to use the account elsewhere, they do not need to worry as all they need to do is verify their account as a security measure.

For those who wish to continue sharing their account, they can opt to pay a small additional charge of $3 to maintain their profile on a shared account, or switch toa new account.

In either case, Netflix provides the Profile Transfer function so that users do not lose their saved profile data. With all these new changes, the streaming giant looks to prevent yet another way of illegitimate account sharing.

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