Netanyahu Halts Judicial Reform Following Nationwide Protests in Israel


Mass protests in Israel have forced Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to temporarily halt the processing of the controversial judicial reform to reach a consensus with the opposition. Netanyahu made the announcement on Monday, recognizing that suspending the second and third reading of the law on the election of judges in the current parliamentary session is necessary to try to reach a broad agreement. The largest protests in the history of Israel were ignited by the move, and tens of thousands of Israelis rallied outside parliament while workers staged a nationwide strike. The national security minister announced on Monday that the plan was on hold for a month, as rival parties sought an agreement. The chaos paralyzed much of the country, threatened to cripple the economy, and led to widespread protests across the country. The prime minister hopes that the controversial plan will proceed in the coming months, even though the anti-government protester demands it be rejected in the Knesset.

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