Neochamanic Sect’s Promises of Physical Improvement with Ayahuasca and Peyote


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The National Police has taken down an organization that operated as a “neochamanic” sect in the Colombian jungle and Spain. The sect promised physical and emotional improvements through the consumption of ayahuasca, sapo, or peyote. In collaboration with the Tax Agency, 18 people were arrested in various parts of Spain, and 60 kilos of ayahuasca and one kilo of mescaline were seized at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport.

Most of the arrests took place in Madrid, with some in the towns of Fuente el Saz del Jarapa and Valdetorres del Jarama. Additional arrests were made in Ibiza, Malaga, and Lloret de Mar (Girona). The individuals are accused of belonging to a criminal organization and crimes against public health. Some are also charged with human trafficking, professional intrusion, violations of workers’ rights, smuggling, and violation of immigration law. The leader of the sect died during the investigation.

The investigation, carried out by the General Police Information Commissariat and the Madrid Regional Operational Unit of the General Directorate of Customs Surveillance, began when it was detected through social networks and websites that promoted the celebration of “neochamanic” rituals in Spain. The sect promised improvements in physical and emotional health through the consumption of psychoactives such as ayahuasca, bufo toad, kambó frog, or peyote, which are prohibited and dangerous.

The organization’s headquarters was located in the Colombian jungle, where they produced the substances and later introduced them through the Madrid airport using “mules” or simulating imports of other products. The substances were used in rituals and sold online. The organization had points of action in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Málaga, Granada, and Ibiza, as well as in other countries such as France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Romania, Malta, Mexico, Colombia, and Turkey.

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