NCIS Los Angeles: A Look at the Onscreen Chemistry Between Its Two Lead Stars

**NCIS Los Angeles: Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen are Brothers-in-Law in Real Life**

Actress Daniela Ruah, who plays the headstrong Special Agent Kensi Blye from the CBS series NCIS Los Angeles, has had to kiss her costar, Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Agent Marty Deeks, already in the third season. Many speculate that the strong bond between them both in the real life is what adds to the chemistry between their characters in the show.

The tight-knit bond between the two actors comes from a unique and surprising family connection. Daniela Ruah got married to David Paul Olsen, the brother and dubber of Eric Christian Olsen in the Serie, in 2014.

When asked about the possible discomfort of having to kiss and perform intimate scenes with her brother-in-law on the show, the star laughed and seemed a little embarrassed due to the intensity of the kiss that their characters shared in the eleventh episode of Humbug season six. She however was sure of herself and of their connection and said, “Dave works in this business and Eric’s wife is an actress, she works in this business and I think everyone knows what she’s like.”

Their relationship and story onscreen has come a long way since the series first aired more than a decade ago. Fans of the show are hoping to see a happy ending to their roles now that the show is rumored to be coming to an end.

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