NBA: Thunder Upsets Western Leaders against Pistons


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In 82 regular season games, there is always room for a skid, but the Thunder will hardly suffer a bigger one than Detroit. With their new status as leaders of the West, those from Oklahoma visited the bottom of the NBA, a Pistons that can break some negative record in addition to those they already hold, they played their second game in two nights and arrived without their star, Cade Cunningham, last minute loss. The surprising score was 120-104.

The worst team in the League, the one that had only won five games and lost 40, beat one of the great sensations of the season, the young and energetic Thunder of Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. Seeing as we have seen, the Pistons did not take much I miss Cunningham. They especially relied on a colossal Jalen Duren who had the best game in his two-year career in the NBA. The 20-year-old, 2.08 meter center scored 22 points and grabbed 21 rebounds, his personal best, with nine of them offensive, which is also his best record. Jaden Ivey supported him with 19 points, eight rebounds and six assists and Bojan Bogdanovic added another 17 points.

For the Thunder, Shai shone once again, who left at 31 without playing the last quarter. With the score at 100-86, the point guard sat on the bench and his coach decided that he would not play again. Jalen Williams scored 20 points and Chet Holmgren had nine and 12 rebounds. The rookie who seems to be beginning to show signs of the ‘rookie wall’ was clearly surpassed by Duren in the zone.

Shai, on the bench for the entire last quarter, Oklahoma’s team only behaved in the first quarter like the West leaders that they are (24-31 ). Then they faltered on defense and the Pistons scored 46 points on them in the second quarter. They had to go behind on the scoreboard and despite getting close to 90-86 in the third act, they could not complete the comeback. A 10-0 run led by Ivey destroyed their morale. Even more so when Shai did not appear in the last act even though the difference was by no means insurmountable.

Coach Mark Daigneault considered the match lost, perhaps thinking that the next game is against the Timberwolves. Ah, the leadership of a West that has gone wild is once again at stake. Four teams, adding the Clippers and the Nuggets, in one victory.

The Oklahoma Thunder, who had been performing well as leaders of the West, suffered a surprising defeat at the hands of the Detroit Pistons, the worst team in the league. The Pistons, who were missing their star player Cade Cunningham, relied on a standout performance from Jalen Duren, who scored 22 points and grabbed 21 rebounds. Jaden Ivey and Bojan Bogdanovic also contributed to the Pistons’ victory with 19 and 17 points respectively.

Despite a strong performance from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, the Thunder were unable to mount a comeback after falling behind on the scoreboard. The Pistons’ strong offensive play, particularly in the second quarter, proved to be too much for the Thunder to overcome. Coach Mark Daigneault made the decision to bench Shai for the entire last quarter, signaling that the team had conceded defeat.

The loss to the Pistons has put the Thunder’s leadership in the West at stake, with four teams now vying for the top spot. The Thunder will need to regroup and refocus in order to maintain their position as leaders in the West.

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