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NATO Finds No Evidence of China Equipping Russia with Weapons

NATO Finds No Evidence of China Equipping Russia with Weapons

NATO Supports Peace Initiatives, But Stresses Ukraine’s Sovereignty

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg has applauded all peace initiatives aimed at ending the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, but emphasized that Ukraine has the final say in deciding its future. Speaking during a press conference while the leaders of China and Russia met in Moscow, Stoltenberg called on China not to support Russia’s war against Ukraine. He highlighted China’s peace proposal, which included positive elements such as nuclear security, the protection of civilians, and the importance of Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence.

Stoltenberg also warned China against supplying lethal weapons to Russia while expressing concern about the increasing closeness between the two nations. He noted that the meeting between the two powers in Moscow was part of a pattern that had been observed in recent years, and he urged China to prioritize a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

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NATO has reported that there is currently no evidence of China supplying Russia with lethal weapons but called for vigilance. As NATO released its Annual Report for 2022, Stoltenberg noted that defense spending had increased by 2.2% in real terms in 2021.

Additionally, the Secretary General confirmed that Finland’s accession process would be completed ahead of the NATO summit in July 2022. He added that Sweden would have to wait until after the Turkish elections.

The situation in Ukraine remains a primary concern for NATO, and Stoltenberg reiterated the Alliance’s commitment to upholding the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. He emphasized that any peace agreement for Ukraine must be based on these principles while reiterating that Ukraine would have the final say.

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In conclusion, Stoltenberg applauded all peace initiatives aimed at resolving the conflict in Ukraine while calling for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. He reminded China, Russia and all stakeholders that the world is watching the situation in Ukraine, and the international community expects a peaceful resolution that upholds Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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