Natalia Paris explains her romantic breakup: “I’m single, but not available”


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Natalia Paris has recently confirmed that she has ended her two-year relationship with Rafael Duarte. Natalia Paris has been a prominent figure in the entertainment industry in Colombia for over 30 years. Since her youth, she has been a symbol of beauty and has appeared in numerous advertising campaigns, becoming a well-known face in the country. Her popularity soared after starring in the Cristal Oro commercials in 1998, making her a household name in Colombia.

In addition to her successful modeling career, Natalia has ventured into acting, business, music as a DJ, and has become a content creator on social media. She has continued to stay relevant among the younger generations by sharing her adventures from around the world.

However, it was recently revealed on the entertainment program “I Know Everything” that Natalia has ended her relationship with Rafael Duarte, who also served as her manager. The reason for the breakup was reportedly due to their age difference and differing lifestyles, as Rafael, who is 15 years younger than Natalia, enjoyed nightlife, which affected their relationship.

Despite the split, Natalia confirmed that Rafael will continue to be her manager. She also stated that she is not currently seeking a new boyfriend, as she is focused on her own brand and other projects. While she has received offers to return to modeling and appear on reality shows, she is primarily focused on her music career as a DJ.

Natalia has had a tumultuous romantic history, including relationships with Julio César Correa Valdés, Pablo Escobar’s trusted man, and Venezuelan actor Juan Alfonso Baptista. Her most recent relationship was with Andee Zeta, a drummer in the band Diamante Eléctrico, which lasted from 2012 to 2016.

Despite her personal ups and downs, Natalia remains focused on her career and her passion for music. She has expressed her commitment to her work as a DJ and has even been included in the lineup for La Solar 2024 in Medellín. As she continues to navigate her personal and professional life, Natalia Paris remains a prominent and influential figure in the Colombian entertainment industry.

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