NASA Rover Captures Sounds from Its Journey Through Jezero Crater

NASA engineers have combined three segments of audio recorded by the Perseverance rover as it cruised through Jezero crater, allowing the public to listen to the robotic vehicle’s journey.

The recordings focused on the so-called “dust devils”, eddies studied for the first time due to data provided by the rover. To filter out the noise, NASA processed the audio recordings.

The rover, which is an autonomous vehicle, has been investigating Jezero Crater as part of its mission. The sound emitted by Perseverance as it moves through the rock formations of the crater is part of the recordings that were collected.

NASA is providing the public with this audio science fiction experience, feeling as if they are riding along with the robotic car. The sounds are courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech, and were edited by Enrique López.

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