Narco accuses prosecutor of obstructing collaboration in Patricia Benavides’ case


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Drug trafficker Percy Coromoto Matos Sandoval has denied giving up on the effective collaboration process. He is currently under investigation by Uriel Terán, the provisional supreme prosecutor. Terán, who was appointed by the suspended prosecutor Patricia Benavides, allegedly signed a blank paper through his lawyer to fraudulently cancel Matos’ process of effective collaboration in the investigation against Enma Benavides, the sister of the former prosecutor of the Nation.

In February of this year, Terán Dianderas, who is in charge of the Second Transitory Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes Committed by Public Officials, requested the Judiciary to archive the case of Enma Benavides, arguing that there was not enough evidence to accuse her of allegedly receiving bribes from drug traffickers in exchange for freeing them. However, a handwritten letter by Percy Coromoto Matos, who is currently imprisoned, was published by Hildebrandt in his thirteen years, in which he denies having regretted being an effective collaborator. Matos claims that things changed course after former prosecutor Bersabeth Revilla was removed from the case against Enma Benavides.

Matos maintains that his public defense was transferred to lawyer Aparicio Contreras, who, according to the drug trafficker, was very clear about the negotiations to achieve effective collaboration. He alleges that Terán went too far by sending him to lawyer Contreras with an offer that included a reduction to a served sentence and suspension of the execution or rule of conduct, without civil reparation. Matos claims that Contreras asked him to sign two blank sheets of paper to make a document in which he appeared to be repentant, even though he had never regretted or retracted what he said. His lawyer, César Romero, supports Matos’ version of events.

According to Hildebrandt in his thirteen, prosecutor Uriel Terán is now investigating Percy Matos for allegedly being an instigator of the crime of bribery. Matos’s lawyer protests that he has never been able to defend himself and that his own documents are being used against him. Terán has also included Hilario Rosales in the investigation, who reported the alleged bribes that drug traffickers gave him to the criminal court that Enma Benavides joins in exchange for being released.

Matos has expressed his frustration with the situation, claiming that Terán is a cheating prosecutor who does not respect the honor of being a supreme. He also alleges that he has been included in the investigation of specific active bribery based on his testimony. Judge Juan Carlos Checkley, of the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation, will evaluate the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to archive the investigation against Judge Enma Benavides on December 11. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office will oppose the dismissal of the case.

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