Mysterious Prehistoric Fish Discovered on US East Coast – DW

Mysterious Prehistoric Fish Discovered on US East Coast – DW

Strange Prehistoric Fish Washes Ashore on US East Coast

A giant prehistoric fish washed up on the shore of the US East Coast, puzzling marine biologists and raising questions about the origin of the species.

Many marine species have existed for thousands of years, and this specimen appears to have come from a long-extinct species. Measuring at six feet long and weighing almost 200 pounds, the carcass was discovered by beach-goers at a beach in South Carolina.

Marine biologists at the College of Charleston were sent to investigate the find and take a closer look at the species. They determined that the fish was from a species native to the US East Coast over 5 million years ago, an Cretaceous bony fish known as Enchodus petrosus.

The fish has been transferred to the Natural History Museum of South Carolina, where it will be kept on display for the public to view.

The discovery of this rare prehistoric species has amazed many, and raises questions about how the species survived for so many years.

The mystery continues, and many excited scientists are on the lookout for more fossils and evidence of the species. This could very well be the start of an incredible marine discovery.

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