Myha’la on Racism: “You Do Become Exhausted”


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Myha’la Herrold, known as Myha’la, stars in Netflix’s new psychological thriller Leave the World Behind, which began streaming today. In the film, she plays Ruth Scott, the daughter of Mahershala Ali’s character, G.H. Scott. The movie, based on Rumaan Alam’s novel, features a cyberattack-driven apocalypse and a tense relationship between Ruth and Julia Roberts’s character, Amanda.

The film adaptation, written and directed by Sam Esmail, made some significant changes to the original novel. Notably, the character of Ruth was rewritten to be G.H.’s college-age daughter, rather than his wife. Myha’la praised this change, noting that it reflects how her generation interacts with technology and media differently from other characters in the film.

In an interview with Decider, Myha’la discussed her first impression of Ruth, her experience working with Mahershala Ali and Julia Roberts, and the emotional intensity of certain scenes. She described her character as opinionated and strong-willed, qualities that she relates to personally. Myha’la also shared her admiration for Ali, calling him an “angel” and discussing their collaborative approach to developing their on-screen father-daughter relationship.

One of the film’s most powerful scenes features a tense conversation between Ruth and Amanda, played by Julia Roberts. Myha’la described the process of filming this scene and the emotional intensity it required. She also discussed the quiet confrontation of racism in the film and the exhaustion that comes from a lifetime of dealing with prejudice.

The film’s production included a memorable scene in which Ruth faces down a group of deer in the forest. Myha’la revealed that the deer were CGI props, and she and Julia Roberts had to act against them while crew members held the props. She also shared her excitement about receiving a wrap gift signed by Barack and Michelle Obama, whose production company, Higher Ground, produced the film.

Myha’la’s previous work includes a lead role in the HBO series Industry and a performance in the A24 horror-comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies. She discussed her experience working on the latter film and shared her favorite line delivery from the movie. She also provided an update on the status of Industry Season 3.

Overall, Myha’la’s interview with Decider shed light on her experience working on Leave the World Behind and her approach to portraying the complex character of Ruth. Her insights into the film’s production and her interactions with the cast and crew offer a unique perspective on the making of this compelling psychological thriller.

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