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Dear Abby, I need your advice. My boyfriend and I broke up 10 years ago and got back together two years ago. We see each other every week, and he helps me with my house. I cook for him and give him massages, and we have a great sex life. The problem is, he is emotionally involved with another woman. He says they are not sexually involved. Should I tell her about me? I have her contact information. He refuses to tell her about me because he thinks it will upset her. What should I do?

Dear Being Played in New Jersey, you should ask your boyfriend why it would upset the other woman for her to know about you. You should also ask him to introduce you to her. If he refuses, you should call her. You deserve to know what is going on.

Dear Abby, I need your advice. I went on a weekend trip with my friend, Chris. I paid for the tickets and Chris agreed to pay me back. Chris was upset that we weren’t going alone and argued with their partner during the trip. We got into an argument, and Chris left the trip early. It has been three months, and I have not been repaid. What should I do?

Dear Tripping Out in Indiana, at this point, you should write off the money you are due from Chris. It seems that your friend is unreliable and has other issues as well.

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