My Casino Jackpot Win Turned Into a Nightmare with Hidden Fees and False Accusations


Retiree Allegedly Discriminated Against by Bank Employees While Cashing in Jackpot Check

Lizzie Pugh, a 71-year-old retiree, won more than $12,000 on a slot machine at Soaring Eagle Casino in Michigan last year. However, her celebration turned sour when she tried to deposit the check into a Fifth Third Bank. Pugh alleged that three white employees told her that her check was fraudulent and refused to give it back to her.

Pugh stated that she felt racially discriminated against during the incident. She was forced to confront the employees, who refused to believe that her check was legitimate. She was eventually able to cash the check at another bank. Pugh’s attorney, Deborah Gordon, believes that what happened to Pugh is another example of the hurdles and indignities that Black Americans face.

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Fifth Third Bank, N.A. and Fifth Third Financial Corporation have denied all of Pugh’s allegations. They have stated that they are committed to fair and responsible banking and prohibit discrimination of any kind. They believe that their employees’ actions have been misinterpreted.

Pugh’s niece, Yolanda McGee, said that her aunt was afraid of going into banks or any type of business after the incident. According to her niece, Pugh had events in her life where she was discriminated against in the past, making the situation heavy on her heart.

In conclusion, Pugh’s story shines a light on the ongoing discrimination that Black Americans face. It’s important for individuals and organizations to recognize the systemic and institutionalized racism that still exists and to work towards creating a world where everyone is treated equally. Discrimination against someone because of their race, age, or any other characteristic is unacceptable and needs to be fought against.

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