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MWC Barcelona: Technology Takes Priority Over Eco-Consciousness

MWC Barcelona: Technology Takes Priority Over Eco-Consciousness

The fourth and final day of Mobile World Congress, the global telephony trade show held in Barcelona, has come to an end. Technology giants from around the world gathered at the event, but the topic of ecology was not a major focus.

At the show, few stands discussed green technology. On the FrenchTech side, Dipli provided companies with refurbished digital devices. Martin Baille, the company’s commercial director, noted the lack of players who focus on the circular economy and using fewer raw materials.

In the last pavilion of the show, dedicated to start-ups, Saúl García offered companies the opportunity to offset their carbon footprints by buying carbon credits on his TracksCO2 platform. He acknowledged that Europe is soon planning tougher legislation on the subject. Garcia believes that large companies, who are the most responsible and have more resources, should be replanting trees to restore the ecosystem. However, he also understands that most companies attend the show to do business.

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Overall, while the Mobile World Congress was a great opportunity for new technology to be showcased, the lack of focus on ecology was evident. Companies need to start taking responsibility and focus on the circular economy if they want to make a positive impact on the environment.

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