Murder of Hispanic Mother and Daughter: Security Video Clues


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A tragic incident occurred on the night of Friday, January 19 in Irving, Texas. The Police Department received a call about a possible shooting in the 2000 block of West Irving Blvd. The attack resulted in the deaths of two victims: Juana Medina Rodríguez, 55, and Nayeli Bolaños Medina, 23. Investigations are ongoing, and the focus of the search is on Héctor Matute, also known as Héctor Paguada, a 33-year-old individual identified as the alleged perpetrator of this violent act.

An arrest warrant for capital murder was issued in connection with this incident. It was discovered that the suspect and the victims had a previous connection, but the motive behind the tragic shooting has not yet been clarified by the authorities. Shocking statements from Celio Torres, Juana Medina’s partner, revealed that the killer acted in just 25 to 30 seconds. According to Celio, Nayeli Bolanos, Juana’s daughter, had recently ended a romantic relationship with the suspect and was afraid of him, as he was carrying two guns.

The victims’ brother and son, Elvis Rivas Medina, provided more details through security camera recordings. According to Elvis, the suspect stopped his escape to shoot Nayeli again, as if he were finishing her off in the head. The authorities have issued an urgent request for anyone with information regarding Matute’s whereabouts to immediately contact their local police department. The public is warned not to attempt to contact or detain the individual, as he is considered a fugitive and potentially dangerous.

This double homicide adds to an alarming statistic in Texas. Cases of “family annihilation,” where two or more members of the same family die in a similar event, are more common in Texas than any other state, with 33 cases since 2020, followed by Florida with 18. Analysts note that this trend can be attributed to easy access to firearms in Texas and the lack of effective mechanisms to confiscate them from those who should not possess them, according to the State Council on Family Violence.

In a separate incident, a tragic explosion occurred at the Sandman Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas, leaving 21 people injured. Maite Karen López, known as “Yami,” was seriously injured in the explosion while working in the hotel’s basement restaurant. The 27-year-old girl suffered severe burns and was rushed to a medical center in Dallas, where she is currently struggling between life and death.

The family of “Yami” shared the difficult situation she faces on the GoFundMe platform, stating that she has left behind her little 3-year-old girl and her little 6-year-old boy, as well as her beloved husband, who will have to be by her side now until things get better. The exact cause of the explosion is still under investigation, and the city anxiously awaits news on the young woman’s condition.

The incidents in Irving and Fort Worth have shocked the local communities, generating displays of solidarity and support for the victims and their families. The authorities are working diligently to bring justice to those affected by these tragic events.

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