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Munich Conference: War in Ukraine & World Order’s Future

The Munich Security Conference recently concluded with an agreement on the need to strengthen Ukraine’s defense in order to repel the Russian invasion and seek mechanisms to end the conflict. The United States directly accused Moscow of “crimes against humanity” during the conference, in which Russia was absent.

The urgency of strengthening the Ukrainian Army remains a major concern for the international community, with the European Union remaining firm and ready to provide assistance to Kyiv. European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen stated that it is necessary to redouble efforts to ensure Putin’s imperialist plans fail.

The fear that the conflict will drag on indefinitely, as in Syria, and that Russia will use it as an excuse to create more conflicts, is also present. The surprise visit of US President Joe Biden to Kyiv, where he met with President Volodimir Zelenski, coincides with the end of the conference.

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What impact will Washington’s accusation of Moscow have on the international stage? Will this security conference be the beginning of a new chapter in the war in Ukraine? Will there be a new defense of Ukraine against a possible large-scale incursion by Russia? These questions were discussed by experts Talya Iscan and Javier Rentería.

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