Mourinho’s Mission: Learning the Language of Football


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After leaving Roma, Jose Mourinho is not taking a break. Instead, he seems to be getting ready for his next job. According to a report from Bild, the Portuguese coach is learning German, sparking rumors that he may be eyeing a coaching position at Bayern Munich in the future.

Mourinho has already won league titles in Portugal, Italy, England, and Spain, and now he may be looking to add a German league title to his list of accomplishments. This news comes at a time when Bayern Munich is facing pressure after a tough defeat against Bayern Leverkusen.

This is not the first time that Bayern Munich has been on Mourinho’s radar. He has previously shown interest in coaching the team, and now with his German language training, the rumors of him taking over at Bayern Munich are gaining traction.

If Mourinho were to take the reins at Bayern Munich, it would be a big move for the coach, who has already achieved success at some of Europe’s biggest clubs. And with his track record of winning league titles, he could be the right person to lead Bayern Munich to success in the future.

In addition to the coaching rumors, there are also reports that Harry Kane, who recently joined Bayern Munich, is experiencing his first ever Oktoberfest as a player for the team. This adds to the excitement surrounding the club and the potential for Mourinho to join as the coach.

Overall, the news of Mourinho learning German and the rumors of him coaching Bayern Munich have added a new level of anticipation and speculation to the football world. It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds in the coming months.

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