Motorcyclists crash into Antioquia bridge: woman grilling falls 100 meters into abyss


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A tragic accident occurred on the San Jerónimo road in Antioquia, resulting in the death of a woman who was the co-pilot on a motorcycle. Nidia Yaneth Carvajal Poso, a 40-year-old motorcycle griller, tragically lost her life when the motorcycle crashed into the retaining wall of a bridge, causing her to fall into an abyss. The driver of the motorcycle was also injured in the accident.

The accident happened when the driver lost control of the motorcycle and collided with the bridge wall, causing Nidia to be ejected into the void and fall approximately 80 meters. The injured driver attempted to reach the woman but required assistance from the Fire Department to be rescued from the scene.

The deputy commander of the San Jerónimo Fire Department, Corporal Luis Carlos Ochoa, provided details of the incident in a press conference with the Antioquia media. He explained that despite realizing the situation, the driver attempted to reach the woman on his own, but due to her multiple injuries, she was unable to return to the road. The Firefighters then initiated rescue maneuvers.

The San Jerónimo road is an important route connecting western Antioquia, and the accident caused a significant traffic disruption for over an hour while rescue and judicial activities were carried out. The deceased was rescued with the support of the Devimar concession and handed over to the Traffic Police and the Judicial Police for further procedures. Meanwhile, the injured driver was transferred to the San Juan de Dios hospital in the municipality of Santa Fe for professional care.

Road accidents are a major concern in the country, with a high number of fatalities reported by the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV). In 2022, 8,264 people died in traffic accidents, averaging 22 deaths per day. In the first half of 2023, approximately 3,500 people lost their lives on the roads, with motorcycle drivers representing 52% of road actor deaths in traffic accidents.

Authorities and emergency organizations emphasize the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and ensuring that vehicles are properly maintained to prevent tragedies on the country’s roads. In the event of a traffic accident, it is essential to remain calm, verify the health of those involved, and contact emergency services for assistance.

Having a first aid kit on hand can also be crucial in providing aid to those with injuries and discomfort. Knowing how to act in the event of a traffic accident is vital for safeguarding safety and rights.

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