Mother upset over daughter’s unauthorized school hairstyle change


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A mother recently shared her story on the ‘parents for parents’ site called ‘’, where she expressed her bewilderment after her daughter’s school assistant changed her hairstyle without her permission. The woman had styled her 5-year-old daughter with two high ponytails and the rest of her hair down when she dropped her off at school. However, when she picked her daughter up, she noticed that her daughter’s hair had been changed to two low braids without her consent.

The mother was confused and wondered why the school felt the need to make that change in her daughter’s appearance without informing her. She explained that her daughter had seen a girl on TV with a similar hairstyle and had asked her to do it for her. The mother was not angry or upset, but she was curious about the school assistant’s actions.

After asking her daughter why her hair had been changed, the little girl explained that the school assistant called her after lunch and simply took away the hairstyle her mother had made for her and put two braids without giving her any reason. The mother shared her story on the internet and asked if she was being irrational. Many people responded, with 60% saying she was not being irrational, while others thought she was.

Some people suggested that the girl might have complained about her hairstyle or looked uncomfortable, while others thought that the school assistant might have thought her hair was unkempt and needed to be redone. Some even suggested that long hair might not be allowed at the school, but the mother confirmed that there was no such rule. Despite the large number of opinions, the mother was still left without a clear answer.

In conclusion, the mother’s story of her daughter’s hairstyle being changed at school without her consent sparked a lot of discussion and theories among internet users. The incident left the mother bewildered and curious about the school assistant’s actions, and despite the many opinions, she was still left without a clear answer.

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