Mother Seeker on the Rise Demanding Attention from Government

Mexican Government Criticised for Lack of Support to Searching Mothers

Cecilia Patricia Flores, founder of the Madres Buscadoras collective, has called for the Mexican Government to respond to the requests of the victims’ relatives in light of the recent help offered to drug trafficker Joaquín “el Chapo” Guzmán.

In an interview with EFE, Flores said that the collective has rescued 1,400 people and found more than 1,500 buried in clandestine graves over the past 7 years. She added that in light of the Government’s help to the drug trafficker, she hopes the Government will pay attention to the case of Searching Mothers.

Flores became a mother seeker when armed men took her son Alejandro in 2015. Four years later, two more of her children were taken away and returned alive days later.

She highlighted the progress made by Searching Mothers and stressed that they deserve the attention of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who recently granted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the permission to respond to el Chapo’s request to review the extradition process.

Flores clarified that she had nothing against el Chapo or his family, but criticised the Government for its apathy and indifference towards victims. She concluded that the group needs support to find the thousands of disappeared persons who are sought by their relatives in graves, bonfires, and regions controlled by organized crime.

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