Mother and son on trial for pimping in Mallorca clubs from Wednesday


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The Second Section of the Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands has scheduled the trial against a 39-year-old man and his 61-year-old mother for this Wednesday and Thursday at 10:00 a.m. The two are accused of prostituting Romanian women in nightclubs in Mallorca, Spain with false promises. Both face a request for 20 years in prison. The trial date was set more than a year ago, after the hearing called in the Second Section ended on January 11, 2023 without an agreement between the prosecution and defense. Both the defendants and the victims are Romanian nationals.

The first victim was in Palma after having traveled from Romania under a false job promise, which had been offered to her in her country by a woman whom the investigation has not been able to identify or link to the accused, according to the prosecutor in his letter. The victim totally lacked family and social support, both in Spain and Romania. Aware of this extreme fragility, the man gained her trust through a “trick of false seduction,” according to the Prosecutor’s Office, and once a bond of emotional dependency was achieved, he allegedly took away her passport and forced her to work in hostess clubs, under beatings and humiliations. The woman had to hand over her earnings in full to the accused. The situation continued until 2013 when the individual arranged to hand her over to other people in Germany so that they could sexually exploit her, “disregarding the most basic value inherent in human dignity,” the Prosecutor’s Office notes. The man organized the trip to Germany and the woman continued to be forced into prostitution. As a consequence of these events, the woman suffers from mental health disorders.

The Prosecutor’s Office points out that this was not “an isolated incident” for the accused, since it accuses him of having brought another woman from Romania in 2015 to prostitute her, “using the same false ruse seduction”. Thus, he managed to get this second victim to travel from Romania to Palma with the expectation of getting a better life. The defendant’s mother traveled with her; according to the Prosecutor’s Office to ensure her displacement and “provide her with a false sense of confidence.” Thus, the two women flew together on a Bucharest-Barcelona-Palma flight and installed the victim in the home where the accused lived with other relatives, “thus achieving absolute control and submission” of the woman. Once in Palma, the accused told the woman that he had to engage in prostitution for her to return the money she owed them. She was repeatedly taken to clubs in Arenal and Magaluf, where they took photos of her wearing suggestive clothing. These photos were used to blackmail her, warning her that they would be sent to her ex-husband, with whom she was discussing the custody of her youngest daughter before a court. The Prosecutor’s Office states in her letter that, finding herself alone and without resources in a foreign country, the woman had to provide sexual services against her will for several months, while the man kept all the profits. The prosecutor maintains that he beat her if she dared to demand the money. In 2015, with the help of a third person, the woman managed to secretly escape to the Canary Islands. Despite this distancing from her, the man continued to intimidate her by phone and demanded money from her, which he gave her by transfer or through third parties. At the end of 2015, the man traveled to the Canary Islands to continue with this behavior, until in April 2016, the woman filed a complaint with the Family and Women’s Unit of the National Police. The Prosecutor’s Office accuses the man of two crimes of trafficking in human beings for the purposes of sexual exploitation, in conjunction with two crimes of coercive prostitution, and requests 14 years in prison for him. For his mother, he asks for six years in prison for the first crime. The prosecution also demands restraining orders in favor of the victims and compensation of 30,000 euros for one of the women.

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