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Montero faces some feminists who criticize her for the Trans Law at the end of the campaign

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, this Friday faced a group of feminists who have disrupted his speech at the closing of the Podemos campaign to protest the approval of the Trans Law. There have been direct confrontations, although there have been no attacks.

The organization has led this group outside the compound from the Producers’ Market, in the district of Arganzuela, where the event was held. All with moments of great tension as a backdrop, given that They continued their protest. After several minutes of anger, Montero has exclaimed that there is no “transphobia” in the acts of his political formation.

between cries of “If possible!”, “Get fascists out of our neighborhoods!” and “There is Trans Law!” Podemos supporters have tried to silence the criticism of feminists who do not share the postulates about transsexual women. In total about 600 people have gathered. have been heard whistles and reproaches that they were “Terfs”Anglo-Saxon term that refers to radical feminists who exclude trans women.

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«Comrades, this as all the spaces in which Podemos and IU are They are safe spaces free of transphobia and LGTBIphobia. Thank you, thank you and thank you for showing that this is a safe space for all of Madrid’s residents. This is a feminist space that take care of everyone, all and all “, Irene Montero has proclaimed.

On the other hand, he has pointed out: «That transphobia does not dare to disguise itself as those who want to protect women in contexts of prostitution. If we want to defend their rights, we must talk about what we have proposed to the PSOE: the regularization of migrants, which is the first barrier to accessing rights.

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The group of young critics of Montero have carried posters with slogans “Consent is not wishing”, “Abolition of prostitution”; with slogans such as “Feminism is not consenting to a crime” and criticism of rapists benefited by the Law Only yes is yes.

The closest precedent was with the leader of Podemos and Minister of Social Rights, Ione Herbon May 18 in a similar situation during a rally in Seville, when a couple of women critical of the Trans Law asked her opinion about what it was like to be a woman and a mother.

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