Mohe Records Coldest Temperature in China at 53ºC Below Zero

Cold record in China, with 53ºC below zero in the city of Mohe

The city of Mohe, located in Heilongjiang province, bordering Russia, has broken the cold record in China. This Saturday, the temperature dropped to 53 degrees below zero, six tenths lower than the previous minimum recorded in 1969.

Winters in Mohe are harsh, with ice and snow for up to eight months of the year, earning it the nickname of North Pole of China. The authorities have taken measures to ensure the supply of heating and water during the New Year festivities. Trucks with hot water and electric generators are available 24 hours a day in case of any emergency.

The cold wave that is currently running through the country could cause temperatures to drop up to fourteen degrees in the northeast and south in the coming days.

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Seeing hot water turn into crystals in the icy air is quite a spectacle. The authorities are taking all necessary precautions to guarantee the safety of the citizens during this cold wave.


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