Mobilization Against Pension Reform Set to Bring France to a Standstill

The mobilization against the pension reform is preparing to

France braces for a nationwide strike as unions prepare for a massive mobilization against the pension reform project. The inter-union is hoping for a dead day on March 7 and promises a movement that will be “massive, unique and unforgettable”. The CGT and Solidaires have called for renewable strikes to protest the unpopularity of the text among the population. A recent poll shows that 72% of French people oppose the bill. In the transport sector, train services will be “very strongly disturbed” on March 7, while on the Thalys side, traffic will be disrupted. The General Directorate of Civil Aviation has asked companies to reduce their flight schedules. Truckers also plan to join the movement, with some unions calling for mobilization from Sunday evening, with blockages of logistics platforms and industrial zones, and snail operations around major cities. The CGT also called for a renewable strike in refineries and the entire oil and chemical sectors. The movement started on Friday afternoon and by Saturday afternoon, production cuts reached nearly 5,000 megawatts, the equivalent of five nuclear reactors. The CGT promises “a dark week in energy” with targeted cuts, blockages and “Robin Hood operations” intended for the population.

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